OBLIGE Level Maker

Random map generator for classic FPS games


Andrew Apted   <ajapted@gmail.com>

I created OBLIGE and developed it for a long time.

Some other projects I have worked on include: Eureka, a map editor for classic DOOM, and also: EDGE, an OpenGL DOOM source port with many enhanced features.


Chris Pisarczyk (Glaice)
Derek Braun (Dittohead)
Doctor Nick
Jared Blackburn (blackjar)
Jon Vail (40oz)
Sam Trenholme


DoomJedi : Wolf3D testing, graphics, and list of Wolf3D mods.

esselfortium : encouragement and detailed feedback.

gggmork : beta testing, detailed feedback.

flyingdeath : various feedback and useful suggestions.

leilei : initial Amulets & Armor definition, various feedback.

Maxim Samoylenko : encouragement and testing.

thesleeve : monster placement analysis.

..... and everyone else who provided feedback, bug reports, ideas for improvements (etc), both in email and on the forums. Your input has been greatly appreciated!


city1.tga : by Sergei Churbanov, under CC-BY 3.0 license.
city3.tga : by Emil Persson, under CC-BY 3.0 license.
crowprin.tga : by dogchicken (user on OGA), under CC-BY 3.0 license.
eden2.tga : by p0ss (user on OGA), under CC-BY 3.0 license.
necro.tga : by kirill777 (user on OGA), under CC-BY 3.0 license.
ochre_pit.tga : by Toby Hudson (from Wikipedia), under CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.
chartres.tga : by Nina Aldin Thune (from Wikipedia), under CC-BY 2.5 license.
lone_house.tga : by Mayqel (from Wikipedia), under CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

(All other title artwork is under CC0 license / public domain)


OBLIGE was written from scratch. It does not contain any code from SLIGE (by David Chess) or from any other random level generator.

OBLIGE uses a modified version of the Lua 5.1.5 scripting language, which is Copyright 1994-2012 Lua.org, PUC-Rio, and is is under a permissive "MIT" license. The original version can be found here: www.lua.org

Part of the cave algorithm used in OBLIGE was described by Jim Babcock in his article: "Cellular Automata Method for Generating Random Cave-Like Levels".

OBLIGE uses the FLTK widget library: www.fltk.org


© 2017 Andrew Apted