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« on: February 24, 2017, 06:32:51 AM »
Hi again, guys. So, I used a nifty tool called WadSmoosh to consolidate all four doom IWADs that I owned into one .pk3 that is usable as an IWAD in G/ZDoom. One particularly big advantage of this is that you can play Ultimate Doom with Doom 2 resources available, from textures to things. Some mods don't play well without Doom 2 resources available. The reverse is also true, for the few textures Ultimate Doom has that Doom 2 doesn't.

So if I wanted to make a module that releases the restrictions on which games can use which resources, allowing Doom 2 monsters to appear in Ultimate Doom and allowing prefabs from either game to be used any time, where would I start?

I'm not especially interested in having the ability to generate a wad for the literal entire Doom saga, because if you generate one for doomu and one for doom2, then load them up together, they work fine without stepping on each other's toes. You can choose what to play at the episode selection screen.


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Re: WadSmoosh
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I like the premise of WadSmoosh. I once even toyed with the idea of somehow combining all the games myself. But I can't help but think that trying to modify OBLIGE to such a compilation might be more trouble than it's worth. Since we're talking about the ZDoom family of sourceports, if you're just looking to have the Super Shotgun, Megasphere and Doom 2 monsters in Ultimate Doom maybe making a simple mod to add those items might be easier, smaller and compatible with a wider range of mapsets. As for textures, why not just set OBLIGE to generate maps for the desired IWAD?

Mind you, I'm not trying to shoot down your idea. It just seems like it might be a major undertaking to produce maps that, in the end, might be less compatible with other types of mods that also use things like the MAPINFO file.


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Re: WadSmoosh
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Currently there are no prefabs for Doom1 which are lacking in Doom2, so on that front nothing is needed.

So it is mainly the textures used in rooms, where Doom1 has some extra textures that don't appear in Doom2.

There are two things needed to add the Doom1 textures into the Doom2 game definition files:

(1) a new texture needs a material definition, in the DOOM.MATERIALS table in the file games/doom/materials.lua.  You can find the Doom1 materials in the file games/doom/x_doom1.lua in the ULTDOOM.MATERIALS table.  You will need to ignore the "Compatibility" materials though, which are only there to allow prefabs designed for Doom2 to work in Doom1.

(2) the material names are referenced in room themes, which exist in the file games/doom/themes.lua in the DOOM.ROOM_THEMES table.  You add the new textures to the "walls" list in a room theme, along with a number which is a relative probability (higher means more chance of being picked from a room).

Hope that helps.