Author Topic: KNOWN ISSUES IN 7.666  (Read 441 times)


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This is a list of known problems in OBLIGE 7.666.  Please check this list before posting a bug report.  Minor aesthetic issues are not included.

(1) Setting the "Steepness" value to NONE can cause the following error to occur: "no matching prefabs for: joiner"

(2) The "Alt-start Rooms" setting can cause maps which cannot be completed in single player mode, due to locked doors where the switch is in the wrong room.

(3) Occasionally you can climb over a fence or through a window that you should not be able to, due to a teleporter pad or high starting ledge (etc), and end up in a place where you cannot get back or complete the map.

(4) Occasionally a map will end up being small or tiny, even when the size setting is "large" or "extreme".
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