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This is a list of known problems in OBLIGE 7.50.  Please check this list before posting a bug report.  Minor aesthetic issues are not included.

(1) Boss monsters may be absent from levels when using the weapon control module, especially when giving every weapon a non-default value.

(2) Occasionally you can climb over a fence or through a window that you should not be able to, due to a teleporter pad or high starting ledge (etc), and end up in a place where you cannot get back or complete the map.

(3) Occasionally a secret exit (leading to a secret level) cannot be placed on the map.  This occurs roughly 5-10% of the time (rare in large maps, more common in small maps).

(4) On small maps it is possible for the secret exit and normal exit switches to be swapped (the secret exit switch is in the starting room, and a secret door leads to another room with the normal exit).

(5) a small amount of health appears on maps, even when the chosen health setting is "NONE".  A similar issue may exist for the ammo setting too.

(6) large monsters, mainly arachnotrons, can get stuck when teleporting into rooms

(7) occasionally a map will end up being small or tiny, even when the size setting is "large" or "extreme".
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