Author Topic: [CANNOT REPRODUCE] Armor items always spawn at start regardless of "start_prob"  (Read 705 times)


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Several armor items will be found at the start of a level after the user sets the Nice Item's armor parameter to 0 probability.

  • v6.20

  • Go to ...\Oblige-6.20\games\doom\
  • Open "Pickups.lua"
  • Look for "DOOM.NICE_ITEMS ="
  • Set "start_prob" to zero for both Blue and Green armor types
  • Save the file
  • Reopen Oblige.exe
  • Build level
  • Load level in-game

  • The Armor items will still appear at mission spawn


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Tested it, setting 'start_prob' of green_armor and blue_armor to zero.

Built a full game and visited all generated maps (skipping pre-built maps) ----> no start room contained a green armor or blue armor pickup.

So I'm not sure what happened for you, but it works for me.