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FORUM RULES : Read this first
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In order to prevent spambots from registering on the forum and posting lots of crap, here is the "secret word" which is asked during registration:


This forum is a place for co-operative discussion.  Unsocial behavior such as insults, threats, harassment, or other unpleasantness will NOT be tolerated.

Remember that OBLIGE is just a hobby -- you got it for free and nobody is getting paid to work on it. That means you have NO right to demand anything from me. If you have a request, ask nicely!

Be polite and respectful here, and we'll all get along fine :D


This is an English language forum.  Threads and posts should always be in the English language, but you are welcome to provide a translation in your native language.

Threads which are completely in another language will be considered as spam, and will be removed.


When reporting bugs, use a new thread for each bug (don't put multiple bugs in a single thread unless they are all minor things).

Be sure to check the existing bugs and make sure that it is not a known problem. Check both the Bugs forum and the TODO.txt file which comes with OBLIGE.

Please do not use [ ] square brackets in your Subject line, that is reserved for me to mark the current state of the bug, for example [FIXED] or [NOBUG].

In the bug report, be sure to mention the version of OBLIGE you used.  Also there is a file called LOGS.txt created by OBLIGE after each run -- if you can include a copy of this file (directly after the problem occurred) then I can usually reproduce the problem and hence fix it much faster.  Use the attachment feature of the forums.

When including screenshots, it's a big help to make sure they are not too dark.  A program like the GIMP can be used to brighten them up.  If in doubt, too bright is better than too dark.


The FAQ contains answers to some frequently asked questions (and some frequent comments too).  Please check it before asking a question:


OBLIGE comes with a document called TODO.txt which contains some known bugs and heaps of ideas for future features (and other junk), and has sections for each supported game.  Check whether your feature idea is there before posting a new thread about it.

See: Current TODO.txt

Lastly, don't forget all the other documentation on the website. It is there to help you!


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Re: FORUM RULES : Read this first
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